Revendeur Hébergement Web Master et Alpha

Commencez maintenant a creer et a vendre des des comptes cPanels et WHM a vos propres clients.


Présence Puissante

14.75 c$/mois
  • 1 Nom de Domaine .com Gratuit*
  • Illimité GB RAID 10 Storage
  • Illimité GB Premium Bandwidth
  • Powered by cPanel® 2019
  • Adresse IP Partagée
  • 99.95% Uptime SLA
  • 1000 Mbit Uplink

Super Alpha

Enterprise content management

57.50 c$/mois
  • 100 Comptes cPanel & WHM
  • Illimité GB RAID 10 Storage
  • Illimité GB Premium Bandwidth
  • Powered by cPanel® 2019
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • 99.95% Uptime SLA
  • 1000 Mbit Uplink


Each cloud hosting product comes with the possibility to extend its resources without the need to change to a higher plan. Dedicated IP addresses are currently limited to 3, the maximum amount of storage available per product and server is 500 GB. Please note that resources cannot be extended indefinitely due to hardware or company policy restrictions.

Additional bandwidth cannot be purchased after you have exceeded your monthly quota included in your plan. Any overages will be charged at $0.25 per GB.

Options pour Hebergement
5 Hosted Domains $10.50 / mois
25 GB RAID 10 Storage $15.70 / mois
200 GB Premium Bandwidth $8.00 / mois
1 Dedicated IP Address $5.50 / mois

Cloud Hosting Features

Don't know which cloud hosting plan to choose? Our extended feature comparison should help you decide which product you require for your application environment.

Unique Multiple & Revendeur Free


Medium traffic personal sites

4.25 c$ /mois


High traffic corporate sites

14.75 c$ /mois


Enterprise content management

50.00 c$ /mois

Domaines Heberges 1 30 100
RAID 10 Storage Unlimited GB Unlimited GB Unlimited GB
Bande Passante Premium Unlimited GB Unlimited GB Unlimited GB
Acheter Acheter Acheter
Package Features
Network Uplink 1000 Mbit 1000 Mbit 1000 Mbit
Uptime Guarantee 99.95% 99.95% 99.95%
Comptes cPanel® 1 30 100
Dedicated IP Address
Custom Nameservers
Email Features
Adresses eMail Illimité Illimité Illimité
Hourly Limit 200 600 1200
Spam Filter
Server Features
Apache 2.4
Node 9.5
PHP 7.2
Root Access
Support Features
Instant Setup
Ticket Support
Live Support
Remote Hands
Pricing Options
Mensuel $9 $18 $36
Trimestriel $24 $48 $98
Annuel $90 $180 $360

Additional IP addresses are available at $3.50 per month each as long as a valid justification is provided. Any bandwidth overages will be charged at $0.25 per GB.

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